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    After saying their good-byes, Mako and Korra made their way to where the boats take off to get to Republic City. But, instead of boarding, Korra brought Mako to the water. She made a hollow sphere around them, and they began to walk.
    After about 5 minutes of silence, Mako broke the silence.
    "Korra... Your family really accepted accepted me..."
    "Yeah... I guess they... Really liked you. You're a great guy, Mako." Korra said, keeping her face away from Mako's sight.
    "Is there another reason?"
    Korra coughed. "Well, I guess... Maybe it's because you're the first guy I've ever been with..." she blushed, embarrassed.
    "Oh. That's nothing to be ashamed of, Korra- You were locked away your whole life." He then touched her face and kissed her softly. When they parted, Korra reluctantly uttered, "Yeah. I guess so. But Aang must have wanted me to be with the guy I love... He ended up with the girl he loved after such a long time... We've known each other a little while. Are you sure we're doing the right thing?"
    Mako sighed, "Korra, I don't even want to hear that. I know I was a jerk when Bolin brought you into our dressing room... But that's because I've always felt like a parent to him. When I saw you, I knew there was something special. My heart knew it, but my brain didn't. I didn't want Bo to get hurt... But, clearly that didn't help. He got hurt anyway. Korra... When I said I loved you, I meant it... From the day I met you, I knew you were something special... And, now you're mine. I want it to stay that way."
    Korra looked at him with loving eyes. "I don't ever want to lose you." For a second, Korra forgot about the sphere and leaped into Mako's arms. Water fell around the two, and Mako began to swim up. Korra swam up as well, grabbed his arm, and brought back. She recreated the sphere, and they collapsed, breathing. Then, they laughed together, sitting on the ocean floor. Mako held Korra in his arms lovingly.
    "...You won't." Mako whispered into the girl of his dreams' ear.
    Meanwhile, back on the boat, Bumi sat around a table with his family, with Lin accompanying. "I don't work alongside Iroh, for the last time, Mom! Commander - General! Different!" Bumi was yelling at Katara, as she was laughing at how gullible her oldest son turned out.
    "So... Bumi. When do you plan on returning to the Fire Nation?" Tenzin asked, irritated.
    "Tenzin, don't ask him that. We just started being together again. All of us, just like old times." Lin said, gazing at Tenzin, when a vaguely familiar voice announced, "Not quite like old times yet."
    The group turned around to see Zuko, Iroh's grandfather and former Firelord and Team Avatar Member; alongside Kya, Katara and Aang's first born child and a water bender. Without another word, Katara got up and hugged the two. Tears streamed down her face as she asked, "How did you two get here? Together?"
    Zuko was choked up as he spoke, yet he managed, "I heard of the war, back in Republic City. The city Aang and I built as the center of peace in the world, at war... I had to help recover the damages."
    Once Zuko had finished, Kya shrugged and simply stated, "Heard about it, too. Checkin' up on the ol' nieces, and now NEPHEWS!" she smiled. "But I'm so glad you're here..." she looked to the rest of the group, embracing her mother. "And Lin! And Bumi! Tenzin!"
    Lin got up and said softly, "Kya... Old friend. And Zuko." she casually strolled to the two. Tenzin shook his head, and went to greet his sister and father's old friend. Bumi, clearly excited, screamed at the top of his lungs. Startled, the group stared at Bumi. Then they laughed all together, even Bumi laughing at himself. Tenzin felt a single tear roll down his face as his old friends and family conversed.
    Over in the other room on the boat, Iroh, Bolin, and Asami sat together on a couch. Bolin awkwardly asked, "So... Anyone know where Mako and Korra went...?"
    Iroh sighed and said, bored, "Nope... Probably loving each other." he laughed. Bolin let out a chuckle, but Asami sat, as a tear fell off of her face. She got up slowly, and sat alone on a lounge chair some ways away from the two boys.
    "A-Asami..." Bolin offered, while getting up. "No, Bo. I've got this." Iroh said firmly. Bolin nodded at the older boy, and plopped back on the couch. Iroh walked over to where Asami sat, and pulled up a chair next to her. He took a seat, and spoke to her softly. "What's wrong? Is it about what I said about Mako? I'm so so-"
    "No, Iroh. No. I'm perfectly fine with Korra and Mako being together. They were meant to be. We weren't going to work out in the end." Asami whimpered.
    "Then what is it? I want to help you..." Iroh put a hand on Asami's shoulder. Asami looked at him and blushed. He got closer, but she looked down. Iroh had a slightly disappointed look as Asami got up and slammed the door to the bathroom after proceeding inside. Iroh moved his chair back, and as he went to sit back on the couch, he noticed Bolin wasn't there. He scanned the room, and saw him talking to a girl.
    A white girl with brown hair. Long brown hair put up half in the back in Water Tribe accessories. In a Northern Water Tribe get-up. She looked strong, and tall. She had big blue eyes. Had arm bands. She looked vaguely familiar.
    Iroh strolled over, and greeted the girl. "Hello. I'm Prince of the Fire Nation, General Iroh. Bolin; here's friend." he bowed at her.
    "W-Wow. That's amazing. It's an honor to be in your presence, Prince Iroh." the girl seemed in awe.
    "Please, I prefer General. But you can just call me Iroh." Iroh stated modestly.
    Bolin jumped in and almost yelled, so excited, "Iroh, this is Koona. Koona, this is Iroh. Well... I guess you already knew that." he blushed and rubbed the back of his neck.
    Koona laughed. "Yeah, I guess so." she added, gazing into Bolin's eyes. "So, where are you guys staying when we get to Republic City?"
    "Well... Not to BRAG or anything, but uh, we're staying on Air Temple Island with Avatar Aang's sons and the current Avatar. And, well, Toph Beifong's daughter. And. Well. Yeah. It's not a big deal or anything either, but Iroh and I kinda saved Republic City from Equalists."
    Koona stared, gaping. "Oh my gosh, Bolin! Tha-That's amazing!" she jumped into Bolin's arms.
    "Yes, go on. I enjoy praise." Koona giggled, still in Bolin's arms. "Sorry to break up this love fest, but, why did you ask, Koona?" Iroh butt-in.
    Koona blushed and replied, "O-Oh. It's nothing. Just forget it."
    Bolin stepped back from the girl. "Look, Koona, if it's a place you need to stay, just say the word. I'm best friends with the Avatar. We can make arrangements... There's plenty dorm rooms available."
    "...What's the word?" Koona asked, playfully.
    "Alright! Koona, you officially have a spot on the island!" Bolin announced, as Koona squealed and jumped into his arms. Iroh face palmed and shook his head.
    "What going on?" asked a familiar voice.
    Iroh turned and yelped, "Asami!..." He collected himself and continued, "We have another resident on the island."
    "Oh. That's nice. And who might you be?" Iroh and Asami exchanged concerned looks.
    "Hello. I'm Koona of the Northern Water Tribe." she held out a hand.
    "Asami Sato. Hiroshi Sato's... Daughter... And Future Industries owner." she took the girl's hand and shook it.
    "...Wow. This is so amazing."
    Bolin jumped in, promoting Asami, "And she's a member of TEAM AVATAR!"
    "Well, we'll leave you two to talk for a little while." Iroh offered, gently grabbed Asami, and walked where no one could hear them.
    "Is it just me, or is Koona just a Northern Water Tribe version of Korra?!" Iroh asked, clearly concerned.
    "Yeah. And I know Bo had feelings for Korra... One day when I was dating Mako, Bolin told me he was upset about their kiss, but he got over it. Do you think..."
    "Yeah. I do." Iroh cut her off. "But, as I was saying before, what was wrong earlier?"
    "Life has just kicked me in the butt lately. It hurts..." a tear rolled down her face, as Iroh and Asami sat on the couch, and he hugged her all night.
Chapter Two: The Feelings Ferry in my Seasons' worth of Fanfictions. c: (I don't ship Irosami. o_o) This chapter is basically showing how all the Nations have come together to respect one another, introduce some old and new characters, and begin some SHIPPING! Something we all love? I think so! I have all through Chapter Six written already. Comment...? xD
Next up; Chapter Three: It's Just the Start.
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