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    Mako rushed over to Iroh and Zuko, the evidence in his hands.
    "She's in trouble." Mako announced. The two men, startled, looked back at him.
    "How are you so sure?" Iroh questioned.
    "Look at this." Mako insisted, laying the hair accessories in Iroh's open hands. "Why would they be here without Korra?"
    "Well, one thing's for sure." Zuko started, "We can't be so sure anything happened. Do you have ANY idea as to where she may be?"
    Mako thought about his clues. "Korra ran away at first. She went to meet 3 former Pro-Benders that lost their bending. She had to have done something to help, and someone who cared must have known. Her hair accessories... They look singed. Not by fire... By electricity. She had to have put up some sort of fight, for her hair accessories to fall out. Someone who cared... Amon's dead. A-And she was with Pro-Benders. Someone important who had to have cared... Is..." he thought to himself. His eyes widened.
    "...We're gonna need the others." Mako whispered.
    "What?" Iroh asked.
    "The others! We need the others. I know where Korra is."
    The three zoomed out of the restaurant, and lit fire to fly into the air. They soared until they returned at the island. They landed directly in the center, and saw a box and Lin.
    "Lin...?" Zuko was a bit scared, yet curious.
    She smiled, and looked back and forth between the box and her friends. Then, she gasped, recalling what it looked like.
    "Oh, oh no. This isn't what you think."
    They heard a bang in the metal.
    "BOLIN, COME ON!" Mako yelled.
    Bolin was sweating, holding his hands on the cold, processed Earth. He layed his fingers against one another, and pulled his hands apart. The metal wrenched open with a gut busting sound, and Bolin stepped out. He threw the lock off.
    "AHH! AIR!" he yelled, laying on the ground as he made Earth Angels.
    "I'm so proud of you." Lin said to the successful boy. "Now, how may we help you?"
    "We found a lead on Korra's location. Lin, go get Tenzin and let him decide if he wants the kids to come. Let Pema stay with Rohan. Bolin, go get the water benders. We need Bumi and Asami. Would you get them too?" Mako commanded. Bolin nodded, and Lin bowed. "Meet back here in two minutes."
    Both Lin and Bolin rock ran to their destination. Lin made it first, and knocked on Tenzin's door. The door slid open, and Tenzin offered, "Oh, no. Th-"
    "Don't start." Lin sighed.
    "Something happened that shouldn't have. But it was perfect." Tenzin admit.
    Lin felt an urge to kiss the man. She got on her toes, and kissed his cheek.
    "Come on. Don't flatter me. There's a lead on Korra."
    "What?" Tenzin went back in the room and ordered, "Pema, stay here with Rohan. No questions asked, just do as I say." he closed the door, and ran down the halls.
    "Jinora! Ikki! Meelo! Come out now."
    The three children stepped out of their rooms and groaned.
    "We're going to go find Korra." Lin offered. The children's faces lit up, and Jinora and Ikki grabbed their staffs.
    The four sprinted out of the building, and Ikki and Jinora rode their air staffs. Meelo rode his air scooter with his fists together, and Tenzin rode a spiral surrounding him vertically. Lin rock ran to the center.
• • •
    Bolin strode into Koona's room, who was shocked to see Asami sitting and giggling with her.
    "Oh, hey Bolin." Asami greeted. "Would you care to join us?"
    "There's no time. Mako knows where Korra might be." Bolin's pupils were frantic, and the girls' eyes widened.
    "That... That's great." Koona said, while getting up. Asami followed behind her, with a genuinely concerned face. Koona hurried alongside Bolin, who nudged her away. Asami and Koona walked behind the boy, who walked at a fast pace.
    They exited the room, and proceeded into the room next door.
    "Katara!" Bolin called out, and noticed Katara, Kya, and Bumi all chatting.
    "Oh, good. You're all here. Come on! We've got to go."
    "What's the rush? Let's just relax..." Kya sighed, laying back on the bed. She hummed Secret Tunnel to herself.
    "There's no time for that!" Koona pleaded.
    "Apparently, there's information on Korra." Asami added.
    "I swear, you all have some reason not to just get up and do it..." Bolin whispered to himself.
    The three got up and nodded. They followed behind the three children, and met with the others in the center.
    "What's the plan?" Tenzin asked.
    "I need you and the kids to go into the Pro-Bending Arena from the top." Mako informed the man, eying his children. "Aerial attacks would be good. We don't know what we're dealing with. Lin and Bolin, I want you to go in from the back."
    "Water benders, I want you to come in from the water below the platform. Whatever attacks you could throw at them." Mako continued. "Iroh, Zuko, we're gonna be going in through the front. Make them think we're only what they're dealing with. Bumi and Asami, I want you guys to come in behind us. It's best that way, and we could use some Martial Arts on our side."
    At that, Bumi yelled louder than ever. At this point, they were used to it. They nodded, and waited there until he said something else.
    "...Ten minutes. When we meet, just come in a little after the Fire and Non-Benders go in." Mako concluded his instructions. The group dispersed in all directions, and Asami stopped Koona.
    "Hey, Koona. Could I go with you? I have one more thing to get."
    Koona nodded, and followed as Asami walked back to the Girls' Dormitory. She stepped into her room, and opened a locked box she kept under her bed. The electric glove laid in it. She snatched it up, and slid it on.
    The familiar sensations of battle chilled up her spine, as she tightened the glove.
• • •
    The gang stood around the Pro-Bending arena. Mako, Iroh, and Zuko stood in front of Bumi and Asami in the dressing room waiting for when to go out. They didn't dare look out.
    Kya, Koona, and Katara stood near the bottom of the elevator. Koona was shaking in fear, while Kya leaned against the wall and said, "You just gotta relax!"
    Lin and Bolin stood, waiting to find out when the big attack would start so they could find out where "the back" was.
    "You like Tenzin, don't you Lin?" Bolin asked, while staring at her with buck teeth.
    "...Be quiet." Lin said, without even looking at the boy.
    Tenzin and his children cautiously stood on the roof.
    "Kids, you must be careful. If it gets too dangerous, just stop. Stop and run." Tenzin ordered.
    "You like Ms. Beifong, don't you daddy?" Ikki yelled, flying into the air clapping her hands.
    Tenzin's whole head turned red, and steam nearly poured out of his ears. "...Stop talking, Ikki."
    Mako nodded at his two fellow firebenders, and they proceeded onto the platform. They walked through the heavy darkness, and into the light. There was no sign of enemies, and Mako signaled for all the group to come over.
    The Air Bending family broke through the glass, and got in a fighting position.
    The Water benders made water vortexes underneath them, and raised themselves up onto the platform. The Earth Benders came in from the back, holding their arms up.
    They all stood together, as Mako hurried through the suspenseful silence. Korra laid knocked out, her hair laying on the platform. Her hands were tied behind her back, and her legs laid numb and senseless.
    "Korra!" Mako yelled. He ran to the girl, and held her for a few moments. "Korra..." he whispered. A tear rolled down his cheek when she opened her eyes. It was a slow and gradual process.
    "Mako..." she uttered, when she could manage to keep her lids open. Mako just stared at the girl as they reunited. Her dark skin nearly glistened in the bright lights of the arena. As Mako began to take in his surroundings, he noticed an out-cold Tahno. He was alongside his team mates, who all had black dried streams of tears on their cheeks. Their makeup had smeared from their eyes with their tears. He breathed heavily, and as he looked back at Korra, she yelped, "Mako, LOOK OUT!"
    Mako looked behind him, only to see large Mecha Tanks and Hiroshi Sato in front of his platinum army. He wielded two rods which looked like the same Lieutenant owned. Mako's pupils were frantic as he looked back at the Avatar.
    "I may not be able to take your bending," Hiroshi threatened, "but I CAN do some serious damage." Hiroshi began walking towards the couple, but Mako looked paralyzed. He couldn't move a muscle, or make any audible sounds. He just held Korra in his arms. Korra's eyes seemed like water falls, an unblinking mess of hot tears.
    As Hiroshi got dangerously close, a blast was heard from the side. Koona's arms were laid straight out, and Hiroshi was beat against the side of the arena. Koona smiled largely at the boy, who grinned right back.
    "It's going to be okay, Korra." he uttered, while blue fire generated from his finger tips. He grazed it against the material that held Korra's arms together, releasing her from the suffocating grip on her wrists. Iroh was already onto Tahno and the Wolf Bats, freeing them one by one.
    "B-Blue fire?" Korra asked, weak. "How did... How did that...?"
    "Korra, Korra. Stop. You have to save your energy."
    She sat on the arena floor, just shaking her limbs to reawaken them.
    "No, Mako. I HAVE energy." They stood up together, Mako taking grip of Korra's hand.
    "Silly children... Just because Amon's gone, doesn't mean his beliefs aren't." Hiroshi announced, while holding his bruised side. The man began to rush at the couple. He wielded his rods in his hands, which were flailing behind his back. Korra's eyes widened, and Mako stepped in front of the girl.
    Before the rods could make contact with Mako, a gust of air hit Hiroshi from the side. A ferocious hit sent Hiroshi flying, and the two teens turned their heads to see Tenzin fighting off the man.
    "Mako, you have go to keep Korra safe!" Tenzin yelled, throwing ball after ball of air at Hiroshi. Behind him, Lin and Bolin were thrusting Earth disks at the Mecha Tanks. Asami just laid a hand on the machines, and the electricity bolted through them. The Mecha Tanks were falling over, one after the other. With this colossal damage, Hiroshi stepped again the air.
    His legs seemed as if they were being pulled down by metal boots, basically defying the element.
    "Oh, my rods are also more powerful now. They're capable of sending horrific shocks throughout a person's body." Hiroshi intended on scaring the group away. He wanted the Avatar's life all to himself.
    These words stunned the group. Along with his strength, he seemed unstoppable. Before they could realize it, he was next to Tahno. The rods made contact with his skin, and he fell to the ground. The lightning was a platinum color, and it lasted much longer. The lightning was no longer blue... This platinum color seemed terrifying. His body was slowly effected, bolts shocking through ever part of him.
    The light reflected off of Mako's eyes. He couldn't stand to see this, and sprinted to the injured man. Static omit from different parts of his body, and he let out a moan. As he tended to Tahno, Hiroshi basically zoomed to Korra. Before anyone could do anything, or Korra could save herself, the rods touched her.
    "KORRA!" Mako yelled, reaching out to her. He couldn't see, his golden eyes were shrouded behind tears on impact. He watched the blurry mess of platinum light, which added on two spots of light blue, that shined through. The shock stopped, and Hiroshi pulled away. Korra was elevating, air bringing her upwards. Her voice was added onto by all of her past lives, and she ordered, "Hiroshi Sato, you have reeked havoc on this city for much too long. Amon is gone, but you're making the world worse. To this day, balance has been kept. There will be NO CHANCE THAT I will let that change. I WANT YOU OUT of this city. A single movement out of line will result in torture unseen." Korra made shields around her.
    Air spheres surrounded her, followed by rings of fire. She took the small disks, and crushed them with one clench of her fist. Very little Earth surrounded her, in a single ring. She took the water, and made me rings than she had made with the other elements. Mako's eyes were slowly clearing, and he grinned from ear to ear watching Korra. All that mattered to him was that Korra was safe.
    "Hiroshi Sato, if you dare hurt more people, you will lose more than you thought possible." her voices filled the arena, echoing off of the walls. Hiroshi's pupils were frantic. They all watched as Korra's defenses fell, and she descended to the ground. Mako left the suffering man, and ran to the Avatar.
    "Are you alright?" he whispered.
    "...There's no way I could be hurt. That would mean giving up." Korra stated, using her arms to hold her up. She turned her head to Mako, who kissed her. It was a short yet meaningful kiss, which she ended to hug him.
    "What a touching speech," Hiroshi began, clapping his hands. "but the world needs to be Equal. One way or the next." With those words, he grabbed Asami by the hand. When he began to exit, she called out, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? LET ME GO!"
    Iroh didn't wait a moment. He punched his fists through the air, throwing fire at the man. From all angles, fire omit from his fists. The fire swerved, growing more and more furious with each punch.
    "LET HER GO!" he ordered. He voice was harsh and gravelly, wanting nothing more than for Asami to be safe. He never stopped throwing fire at the man, trying to avoid making contact with Asami.
    Hiroshi laughed, "Nice try, kid." With those words, Korra blew a strong gust of air out from around her. Mako was blown back, and hit the side of the Platform. So much air was around the Avatar, you couldn't see what was happening. As the air faded, Avatar Aang stood there.
    "Hiroshi, this city was built as the Capitol of Peace in the world. Zuko and I built it with this intention." Zuko smiled, and a tear streamed down his face. Bumi began cheering, with which he egged on Tenzin to join. Tenzin slightly began jumping, and "wooing," but he stopped and straightened out his robes. Kya felt wetness in her eyes.
    "You will obey General Iroh's wishes. Korra will not end your life, but you will listen to her. I am requesting that my wife and children, along with my current life and Zuko keep the balance in this city. Be the council. And Lin, bring justice to those who deserve it."
    Katara reached out to her husband. She had witnessed HIM do that 70 years ago. Her eyes were waterfalls, knowing that NONE of her actions would make a difference in Aang's. Air formed around him, and Korra fell to the ground. Bolin ran to her and helped her up, offering, "I've missed you..."
    Tears fell off of Korra's face. She sniffed, uttering, "Lin, arrest him." Bolin helped Korra over to Asami, and Korra pulled her away from Hiroshi. Asami hugged her friend, who faintly returned the hug.
    Lin strapped metal around the man's wrists. As she walked him outside, she stated sternly, "You're never going to see the light of day again."
    Back inside, the group stood around Tahno, who laid there, making small noises.
    "Is he alright?" Ikki asked.
    "We can help you." Korra offered.
    The Wolf Bats shook their heads. "He's fine. Leave it to us." They smiled, but it wasn't genuine. The group turned and left, having a feeling he was lying.
    Korra limped out of the arena, assisted by Mako and Bolin. She looked back at the Wolf Bats, who were bending Earth and Fire. The ability she had returned to them. As the doors closed, she saw Earth and Fire in a swirl going down towards Tahno. The doors slammed before she could witness his horrible end. A tear fell off of Korra's face. Knowing this was best for Tahno, but regretting it all.
Sorry about that last part being separated. I tried to fix it and it's not working. I might get back to it. o_o If you find ANY errors at ALL, please inform me through a comment or note! I actually copy-pasted this from Facebook messages, I send them to my friend before anyone. xD I'm kinda scared there's going to be something from our conversation in there. So, please, tell me! :) So, this is Chapter 7 in my continuing Fan Fiction. I hope you guys like it, and please tell me what you think! :)
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